Addiction to Quora

Addiction to Quora

By on July 18, 2017

I turned out with this post because i feel day by day i am getting more addictive to Quora. First its Orkut that spoilt my time then the culprit Facebook and now the damn Quora. It’s like whenever i am online either in desktop or in mobile every now and then i use to browse Quora. The saddest part is once i am in then to the minimum i am spending 15-20 min inside Quora. See, now the time here is 05:30 AM (IST). Even now at this time, my heart wanted me to browse Quora.

Honestly, i never wanted to quit using these sites. What i actually wanted was to use it more productive than just a matter of spending time. In coming days i wanted to make myself self-controlled in a way that i will use my time more productive.

P.s: Of course, Orkut helped me in tying the knot with the Girl of my Life 🙂 Soon will come up with a post about how i got the Love of my Life through Orkut 😉