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Hi, my name is Raja Gopal. I'm a Blog Scientist and this is my personal Blog! I use this blog to tell people my story. Through all the places and things I see around the world, there isn't the best way to share my experience! Follow my daily updates to discover the life's essence!

  • Water flowing without pipe @ Madurai Railway Station right now. Don't know whom to complain and whom to contact… https://t.co/S79zMFi7wD

    Tweeted on 03:45 PM Jan 19

  • Any one need 5 Tickets for TSK movie at Chennai Forum Mall Palazzo Cinemas by SPI for 12.55 Pm show on 12th Jan Fri… https://t.co/S4M3DXe67W

    Tweeted on 10:11 PM Jan 09

  • #KFC #@KFC_India https://t.co/dHYS0Cb9xH

    Tweeted on 09:01 AM Dec 19

  • For unsuccessful transaction amount has been debited from my credit card for INR 459.38. While contacted your custo… https://t.co/0WJ04lDVGD

    Tweeted on 02:57 AM Dec 19


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