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Chennai, TN

Hi, my name is Raja Gopal. I'm a Blog Scientist and this is my personal Blog! I use this blog to tell people my story. Through all the places and things I see around the world, there isn't the best way to share my experience! Follow my daily updates to discover the life's essence!

  • Hi Karunya, Watched your ad "Usha Sunflower Oil" yesterday in theatre ad block. The reaction you gave during the li…

    Tweeted on 02:48 AM Feb 17

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    Tweeted on 06:26 AM Feb 09

  • Nice type freebie from Studio B2302 - go - get it!

    Tweeted on 04:19 AM Feb 09

  • "Mathuneengala" "Sethuneengala" Sema cute usage of words in Naachiyaar Movie Preview, Vidhya. Repeatedly watched th…

    Tweeted on 10:13 PM Feb 08